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Call us know and mention the word “SKIN” to benefit from a FREE bioptic eye treatment worth €30 with every ERICSON LABORATOIRE facial booked !


👁 Swelling under the eyes: fluid congestion and fat bags

👁Crow's feet wrinkles

👁Dark circles under the eyes

👁Decreased skin tone: "downcast"


🤍Reduction of swelling and swelling under the eyes

🤍Smoothing wrinkles

🤍Lightening pigment areas in the eyelids

🤍Toning and lifting effect


🧪 REDULITE Herbal complex combining the diuretic effect of elderberry extract with the osmotic effect of glyceryl polyacrylate gel. Prevents water retention, accelerates drainage and eliminates fluid.

🧪REMODULINE Plant extract rich in flavones and flavonoids. It has lipolytic and draining properties, speeds up the process of splitting fat bags in the area around the eyes.

🧪VEGESERYL A high molecular weight phytoprotein hydro-solution, rich in albumin and globulin, and containing a large amount of essential amino acids. Tightens the skin, increases its elasticity, improves elasticity and smoothes wrinkles. Amazing results of use - reduction by 20% of deep wrinkles and improvement of skin elasticity by 28%.






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