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Semi-Permanent Make-Up

Wake up & don't Make-up!

  • 1 hour
  • FREE Consultation
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Service Description

Semi-Permanent Tattooing. The newest craze sweeping the cosmetic industry. It consists of natural iron oxide is applied into the dermal layer of the skin, in pretty much any color the client would like. The materials used are completely safe and by semi permanent, they mean it can last up to five years! Gradually the pigmentation fades and after a year the customer returns for a retouch, for pigmentation 'refreshing'. Specific areas that can be treated using semi permanent make up include: -Eyebrows -Top Eyeliner -Lower Eyeliner -Eye/Lash Enhancement -Lipliner -Full Lip Color Why is it for me? Semi permanent make up is ideal for anyone. If you long for the day when you do not have to wake up and plan your make up everyday then semi permanent is ideal. EYEBROWS Various concerns such as sparse, thin or naturally very light eyebrows can be addressed by adding fullness and definition without compromising a natural look. Duration: 1 hr-2 hrs Eye Brows (first time & touch up ): €350.00 Eye Brows (touch up): €200.00 EYELINER AND LASH ENHANCEMENT. Lashes can be made to look thicker by applying a soft, natural line between the lashes creating instant definition. This is incredibly effective at ‘opening the eyes’. A slightly more defined line can be created for those clients who wish to emphasize and add more definition to their eyes or who regularly apply eyeliner. Duration: 1hr-2 hrs Price: €220.00 (includes FREE lower eye liner) Eyeliner retouch - €100.00 (includes FREE lower eyeliner) Shaded Eyeliner - €280.00 (includes FREE lower eyeliner) Shaded Eyeliner retouch - €150.00 (includes FREE lower eyeliner) LIPS. Plumped lips are created by adding natural color, achieving instant fullness and definition. Subtle corrections can be made to thin, uneven or unsymmetrical lips and the size and shape can be altered as desired. Facial lines around the mouth are instantly camouflaged and lipstick bleed is eliminated. Duration: 1hr-2 hrs Lip Liner: €130.00 Lip Liner (touch-up): €110.00 Full Lip(first time & touch up ): €350.00 Full Lip (touch-up): €150.00 The initial treatments for all semi permanent procedures require two visits spaced approximately 4-6 weeks apart. Semi-permanent make up as the name implies requires periodical maintenance to ensure the freshness of the look, but you can expect the enhancement to last anything from 9 months to 18 months before a re-touch treatment is required. Consultation: FREE (Always recommended before treatment)

Contact Details

  • 181 Constitution Street, Mosta, Malta

    2142 3939

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