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  • 1 h 30 min
  • €70
  • Location 1

Service Description

CLAIMS: The skin’s microbiota – made up of billions of microorganisms found on the surface of the epidermis – is disturbed and weakened on a daily basis by ever-increasing environmental stresses. It must be preserved and balanced in order to fulfil its protective role and ensure the skin’s homeostasis. BIOLOGIC DEFENSE is a range of microbiotic treatments with a boosting effect on the development of microorganisms which support the skin’s flora. It has also been developed for women who suffer imbalances in the skin throughout their monthly cycle. As a result, the skin can better defend itself against environmental agressions and regains its well-being on a daily basis. ESSENTIAL ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: RELIPIDIUM: Post-biotic extracted from lactobacillus. Reinforces the skin’s natural protection against pathogenic germs, to ensure optimal functioning. ACTIBIOME: Combination of active ingredients providing nutrients which are essential to encourage biodiversity and the homeostasis of the skin’s microbiota. Strengthens its protective role. LIPOBELLE SOYAGLYCONE: Liposomal Genistein preparation, extracted from soybeans, for rapid absorption and long-term restoration. Genistein quickly stimulates the production of collagen. Duration: 1.5hrs Facial: €70 (Includes Face Analysis - Facial tools- Hand massage during mask )

Contact Details

  • 181 Constitution Street, Mosta, Malta

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