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Anti-Cellulite Treatments

Smoother Skin.

  • 1 h
  • Starting from €30
  • Location 1

Service Description

Our cellulite treatments includes a package with various types of treatments catered for your body type and focuses on your encountered problematic area/s; FITNESS REMODELING/LIPO DRAINAGE 3D: True to its therapeutic approach oriented towards nonsurgical medical aesthetics, ERICSON LABORATOIRE currently offers 3D LIPO DRAINAGE, a treatment designed to carry out a slimming and THREE-DIMENSIONAL remodeling of the leg in order to rebuild its original shape. CELLULIT’ VIB: A high-precision remodelling treatment which combats fat deep down and smoothes surface cellulite. This is the SHOCK TREATMENT with “ULTRASOUND-LIKE” EFFECT from our Laboratories. It takes its inspiration directly from adipocyte lysis practiced in aesthetic medicine to fight excess fat and cellulite. This performance is obtained through the action of a “triggering” phyto-complex capable of smoothing away. X50 BODY MATRIX: Specific treatment for mature women. This cosmetic treatment is intended for "mature" women looking to take care of themselves in a comprehensive manner, and to better cope with various problems they encounter after a certain age. Cellulite Burn Dstress: Converting Fat Into Energy - This treatment is for hyperactive and energetic women, often stressed by the daily accumulation of work. GenetixSlim- Cellu-Genic Slimming Treatment: Innovative research techniques try to understand the link between obesity, nutrition and genetic factors. While obesity increases to more and more distressing levels, a debate has opened up on the origin of obesity: is it linked to the food we eat or our genes? Slim & Lift: The Body Contour Pack "Adipo-Reverse" - The expected aim is no longer simply to eliminate fat, but to increase skin firmness! Cupping Therapy: Cupping provides effective slimming treatment since it stimulates acupressure points and runs them along the body’s lymphatic lines. Traditional Chinese Medicine says that excess fat and slow metabolism are a result of stagnant qi. The restricted movement of qi results in ‘dampness’; which is caused by an ill-functioning spleen and liver. Cupping is a suction-based therapy, and it helps to remove damp stagnation from the body. This is followed by a rupturing of stubborn fat, which is subsequently flushed out of the system. Duration : 1 hour 1 Cellulite session : €30 + 1 Air Cupping Session: €15 10 Cellulite sessions : €250 (Save €50) 10 Cellulite sessions + Air Cupping sessions: €350 (Save €100)

Contact Details

  • 181 Constitution Street, Mosta, Malta

    2142 3939

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